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projichan's Journal

5 June
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what is there to tell? its 3:15 in the morning, december 26th, and i got so bored i created an elljay account. i have no real reason, other than i needed an distraction from the fact that right now i could absolutely kill my husband. anywho..... i have bounced around and traveled a lot in the past few months. since june, i have been in at least 6 different states, and in a few months i am (hopefully) moving to korea.
i am an aspiring homemaker, and wife, as well as (very) soon to be mother, married to the (though he pisses me off sometimes)man of my dreams- a currently active duty m1a1 abrams crew member in the united states army.
we have two dogs, and our first son is due on january 14th (though lets face it, hes been dropped for about a week and a half now, not much longer to go), and we are praying for a safe and healthy delivery of our little pride and joy.
other than that, there really isnt much to tell. my family is my life, and i would like nothing more than to be a stay at home mother. i am however, an artist, sort of. it isnt a job or anything, only what i like to do. and i am (if i may say so myself) quite good at it. and i know how rare it is to fins someone professing to be good at somehting and them actualy be goos at it. but i am very confident, and when i make a claim like that, there is something to back it up.
anywho...... i think that covers everything i would care for anyone to know. if i left out something, let me know, ask about it, i'll answer (im very open about everything), just give me some time to get to you.